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Learn more about my versatile healing methods, which come from a variety of traditions and individually matched to you!

Our Centre offers you a variety of activities, from Reiki course to study trips abroad.

On the following page you will find details about my qualifications, as well as a small personal curriculum vitae.

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About us


Company Background

Almost all people wear this basic need in itself, sometimes this desire is unconsciously in the background and sometimes overwhelmed this desire body and spirit and becomes a deep yearning.

Many people however do not know in this situation, they can communicate who this basic need -friends, family, partner? Would I be understood? My environment can see me and my needs? With whom can I discuss this wish?

For this reason, I founded the Pema Karpo Centre in Vienna.

The Pema Karpo Centre is a focal point for people who like happier and happier would go through life and that want to embark on a comprehensive but simple way.

Meet the Team

About Us

My name is Tsering Chozom and I was born in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet.

At the age of 5, I had to leave my country because of the Chinese occupation and came to Switzerland, where I grew up and first made a classic curative education according to the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner.

Then at the beginning of the 1980's I was moved to Asia and I attended seminars in Tibetan and Buddhist studies in India and Tibet.

At the beginning of the nineties, I completed the initiation and training in Reiki, where I graduated in 1994 with the Reiki Master qualification in India. This was followed by training in the Netherlands in the fields of Kinesiology, Neuro-emotional Integration (NEI), as well as specialising in Chakra therapy and graduating in 1996 from the Malva Institute.

Since then, I have gained a more holistic understanding of the human soul and the human balance through numerous education and training which now come to benefit people that I treat:


2000 at Lama tulku Lobsang: Tibetan acupressure and massage.

2002 with HH Dalai Lama: Medicine Buddha transmission.

2009 Bodhgaya: Choje Ayang Rinpoche -  Phowa Kurse.


2012  Charn Chano: Pong Youp - Healing by Breathing.


2012  Richard Willi: Soul Resonance 1 + 2 level, Prof. Gagaryev / Prof. Petrov.


2011  Dr. Roy Martina: experience: Christ All-in therapy, 1st 2nd-3rd grade.


2014  Salus Coach - advice for micro-nutrients and food supplements & HRV measurement (heart rate variability).

Pema Karpo comes from the Tibetan and means:

Tsering Chozom